Familie Brunder

Irene UlczynskiAge: 5719121969

Irene Ulczynski
Birth March 6, 1912
MarriageHarry Brann AltmeyerView this family
February 3, 1940 (Age 27)
Death of a husbandHarry Brann Altmeyer
November 12, 1965 (Age 53)
Death November 5, 1969 (Age 57)
Family with Harry Brann Altmeyer - View this family
Harry Brann Altmeyer
Birth: May 26, 1907 30 29Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA
Death: November 12, 1965Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA
Irene Ulczynski
Birth: March 6, 1912Dillonvale, Jefferson, Ohio, USA
Death: November 5, 1969Martins Ferry, Belmont, Ohio
Marriage: February 3, 1940Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA

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