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Peter Joseph KasparAge: 418331837

Peter Joseph Kaspar
Birth 1833
Birth of a brotherPeter Kaspar
January 1, 1836 (Age 3)
Death June 13, 1837 (Age 4)
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elder sister
8 years
younger sister
Maria Kaspar
Birth: 1838Wadern, Saarland, Deutschland
Death: January 15, 1843Wadern, Saarland, Deutschland
1 year
younger sister
-4 years
Peter Joseph Kaspar
Birth: 1833Wadern, Saarland, Deutschland
Death: June 13, 1837Wadern, Saarland, Deutschland
-7 years
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
14 years
younger brother
-5 years
younger brother
Peter Kaspar
Birth: January 1, 1836Lockweiler, Merzig-Wadern, Saarland, Germany,
Death: September 13, 1870Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States