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Individuals with surname Geibel/GEIBEL/Geibel , A…

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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Adrien Edward Geibel
Adrien EdwardAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAdrien Edward0December 24, 1926242487493Pennsylvania00January 4, 19842445704365720830Los Angeles, California0MY100Y100 
Agnes M Geibel
Agnes MAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAgnes M0March 18952413269124Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States00196724396745371262380FYESY100 
AGUSTUSAAAAGEIBELGEIBELAAAAAGUSTUS0August 14, 19092418533110Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA00September 3, 1925242439794165864Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0MYESY100 
Albert Geibel
AlbertAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAlbert0June 20, 18862410078133Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA33yes2453919-1Rural Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA0MYESYES 
Alfred Henry Geibel
Alfred HenryAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAlfred Henry0April 15, 19132419873106Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA00October 22, 19892447822307627949Herman, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA0MYESY100 
AliceAAAAGEIBELGEIBELAAAAAlice0May 10, 1944243122175Great Belt, Butler Co, PA00May 10, 194424312217500Great Belt, Butler Co, PA0FY100Y100 
Aloysius M “Curly” Geibel
Aloysius MAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAloysius M0November 5, 1923242372996Herman Butler County Pennsylvania, USA00February 20, 19872446847336323118Pittsburgh Allegheny County Pennsylvania, USA0MY100Y100 
Alphose J. Geibel
Alphose J.AAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAlphose J.0March 18882410713131Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA1119662439309547728429Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA0MYESY100 
Ambrose Aloysius Geibel
Ambrose AloysiusAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAmbrose Aloysius0April 18892411108130Pennsylvania00191424203161062490400MYESYES 
Andrew CAAAAGEIBELGEIBELAAAAAndrew C0November 4, 19102418980109Herman Butler County Pennsylvania, USA00July 17, 19842445899357326919Natrona Heights Allegheny County Pennsylvania, USA0MYESY100 
Andrew Charles Geibel
Andrew CharlesAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAndrew Charles0November 4, 19102418980109Pennsylvania, United States00July 19, 19842445901357326921Pennsylvania, United States0MYESY100 
Anna Geibel
AnnaAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAnna0June 29, 18632401686156Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States11August 7, 189624137791233312093Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States0FYESYES 
Anna Geibel
AnnaAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAnna018392392923181United States44yes2436752-10FYESYES 
AnnaAAAAGEIBELGEIBELAAAAAnna0 2388540Püttlingen, Saarland, Deutschland00yes2432369-1Altenkessel, Saarland, Deutschland0FYESYES 
Anna Geibel
AnnaAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAnna0November 30, 18532398188166Saarland, Deutschland00May 30, 190824180921115419904Saarland, Deutschland0FYESYES 
Anna Elisabeth Geibel
Anna ElisabethAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAnna Elisabeth0January 28, 17582363184262Verrerie-Sophie00yes2407168-10FYESYES 
Anna Frances Geibel
Anna FrancesAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAnna Frances0August 22, 19032416349116Pennsylvania, United States11November 23, 19922448950278932601Pennsylvania, United States0FYESY100 
Anna L Christie Geibel
Anna L ChristieAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAnna L Christie0 0North Oakland Butler County Pennsylvania, USA00yes0-1Chicora Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0FYESYESR
Anna MayAAAAGEIBELGEIBELAAAAAnna May0February 15, 1927242492793Herman Butler County Pennsylvania, USA00March 25, 20032452724167627797Herman Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0FY100Y100 
ANTHONYAAAAGEIBELGEIBELAAAAANTHONY0February 6, 1905241688311500February 19, 19952449768259032885Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0MYESY100 
Anthony Jerome Geibel
Anthony JeromeAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAAnthony Jerome0August 3, 1931242655788Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States00June 4, 19322426863870306Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0MY100Y100 
Arthur C Geibel
Arthur CAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAArthur C0 2420681Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA00yes2464511-1Cabot Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0MYESYES 
Arthur F Geibel
Arthur FAAAAGeibelGeibelAAAAArthur F0November 21, 192524244769400October 16, 19982451103217226627East Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA0MY100Y100