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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Agnes Steibel
AgnesAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAAgnes0April 20, 18942412939125Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania00March 5, 19272424945923212006Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA0FYESY100 
Anna Catherine Steibel
Anna CatherineAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAAnna Catherine0June 1, 18752406041144Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania00April 10, 191724213291024115288Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania0FYESYES 
Barbara Steibel
BarbaraAAAASteibelSteibelAAAABarbara0June 18852409708134Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania00February 17, 19272424929924115235Alden, Erie, New York0FYESY100 
Frank Steibel
FrankAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAFrank0November 27, 18472395993172Alden, Erie County, New York1010July 10, 191124192281086323235Winfield Township, Butler, PA0MYESYES 
George W. Steibel
George W.AAAASteibelSteibelAAAAGeorge W.0February 22, 18902411421129Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania00March 31, 191924220491002910628Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania0MYESYES 
Helen A. Steibel
Helen A.AAAASteibelSteibelAAAAHelen A.0October 16, 19142420422105Chicora, Butler County, Pennsylvania00April 20, 2010245530799534885Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania0FYESY100 
Ida M. Steibel
Ida M.AAAASteibelSteibelAAAAIda M.0March 21, 18882410718131Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania00January 27, 19772443171428832453Ross Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania0FYESY100 
John Henry Steibel
John HenryAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAJohn Henry0March 19, 18822408524137Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA44August 17, 19722441547479033023Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0MYESY100 
Joseph F. Steibel
Joseph F.AAAASteibelSteibelAAAAJoseph F.0November 9, 19082418255111Pennsylvania00November 23, 19962450411238832156Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania0MYESY100 
Joseph Michael Steibel
Joseph MichaelAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAJoseph Michael0March 8, 18802407783139Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania00May 25, 19712441097489133314Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania0MYESY100 
Mary C. Steibel
Mary C.AAAASteibelSteibelAAAAMary C.0November 5, 19062417520113Pennsylvania0020022452458179534756Pennsylvania, USA0FYESY100 
Mary Magdalen Steibel
Mary MagdalenAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAMary Magdalen0March 13, 18742405596145Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA00July 23, 19322426912875821316Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA0FYESY100 
Matthew Steibel
MatthewAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAMatthew0April 18842409282135Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania00May 11, 19372428665825319397Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania0MYESY100 
Maxwell C Steibel
Maxwell CAAAASteibelSteibelAAAAMaxwell C0 2417394Butler, Butler Co., PA00yes2461224-1Ellwood City, Lawrence Co., PA0MYESYESR
Paul N. Steibel
Paul N.AAAASteibelSteibelAAAAPaul N.0December 4, 19162421202103Pennsylvania00May 29, 19882447311317126109Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0MYESY100 
Rosa M. Steibel
Rosa M.AAAASteibelSteibelAAAARosa M.0January 29, 18782407014141Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA11January 10, 194924329277070259130FYESY100