Familie Brunder


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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Albert J Neigh
Albert JAAAANeighNeighAAAAAlbert J0 2406072Carbon Center Butler County Pennsylvania, USA44yes2449901-1Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0MYESYES 
Alberta Neigh
AlbertaAAAANeighNeighAAAAAlberta0March 21, 19022415830119Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States33March 19682439932536524087Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0FYESY100R
Alberta K Neigh
Alberta KAAAANeighNeighAAAAAlberta K0March 21, 19022415830119Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States00March 27, 19682439943536624113Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0FYESY100 
Alfred J Neigh
Alfred JAAAANeighNeighAAAAAlfred J0January 30, 19162420893105Pennsylvania00August 3, 20002451760208430867Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0MYESY100 
Amelia Catherine Neigh
Amelia CatherineAAAANeighNeighAAAAAmelia Catherine0January 24, 18812408105140Butler County, PA USA55February 8, 19662439165558531060Butler, PA USA0FYESY100 
Annie Neigh
AnnieAAAANeighNeighAAAAAnnie0November 30, 18542398553166Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA00May 12, 191424202651075921712Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0FYESYES 
Barbara Dora Neigh
Barbara DoraAAAANeighNeighAAAABarbara Dora0December 15, 18882410987132Summit Twp, Butler, PA00yes2454649-1Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0FYESYES 
Catherine Neigh
CatherineAAAANeighNeighAAAACatherine0 239292311yes2436752-10FYESYESR
Charles N Neigh
Charles NAAAANeighNeighAAAACharles N0January 19, 19142420152107Butler, Butler Co., PA00September 15, 20042453264169033112Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0MYESY100 
Clarence J Neigh
Clarence JAAAANeighNeighAAAAClarence J0April 20, 19062417321115Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States00February 8, 19832445374387628053Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States0MYESY100 
Coletta Mary Neigh
Coletta MaryAAAANeighNeighAAAAColetta Mary0 2411551Carbon Center Butler County Pennsylvania, USA77yes2455380-1Harrisville Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0FYESYES 
Dorothea M Neigh
Dorothea MAAAANeighNeighAAAADorothea M019072417759114Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States00yes2461589-1Natrona Heights, Allegheny Co., PA0FYESYES 
Edward Neigh
EdwardAAAANeighNeighAAAAEdward018772406803144Summit Twp, Butler, PA0019002415203121238400PA0MYESYES 
Edward S Neigh
Edward SAAAANeighNeighAAAAEdward S0April 29, 19032416234118Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States00July 13, 19732441877477025643Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States0MYESY100 
Helen E Neigh
Helen EAAAANeighNeighAAAAHelen E0 0Butler Co., PA00yes0-1Erie, Erie Co., PA.0FYESYESR
John Neigh
JohnAAAANeighNeighAAAAJohn0June 1, 18162384492204Püttlingen44April 12, 188724103741347025882Summit, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA0MYESYES 
John Lawrence Neigh
John LawrenceAAAANeighNeighAAAAJohn Lawrence0May 12, 18872410404134Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0060519422141,416-468372Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0MYESYES 
Joseph Neigh
JosephAAAANeighNeighAAAAJoseph0January 27, 18502396785171PA66yes2440770-1Summit Twp, Butler, PA0MYESYES 
Joseph P Neigh
Joseph PAAAANeighNeighAAAAJoseph P0 2418855Butler, Butler Co., PA00yes2462685-1Butler, Butler Co., PA0MYESYES 
Katherin Neigh
KatherinAAAANeighNeighAAAAKatherin0June 20, 18362391816184Pennsylania, USA11November 26, 191924222891018330473Mount Oliver, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA0FYESYES 
Leonard V Neigh
Leonard VAAAANeighNeighAAAALeonard V0September 26, 19112419306109Pennsylvania00July 31, 19942449565268230259Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America0MYESY100 
Mary Stella Neigh
Mary StellaAAAANeighNeighAAAAMary Stella0August 18862410135134Summit Twp, Butler, PA55yes2453919-1Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA0FYESYES 
Mathilda Ann Neigh
Mathilda AnnAAAANeighNeighAAAAMathilda Ann0March 12, 18832408882138Butler Butler County Pennsylvania, USA11yes2452823-1Punxsutawney Jefferson County Pennsylvania, USA0FYESYES 
Peter Neigh
PeterAAAANeighNeighAAAAPeter0January 16, 18482396043173PA, USA77April 3, 19292425705928129662Beaver, Pa0MYESY100 
Philipp Neigh
PhilippAAAANeighNeighAAAAPhilipp0March 26, 18112382598210Püttlingen, D-66346, Lk Sv Saarbrücken, Saarland, DEUTSCHLAND00yes2426525-10MYESYES