Familie Brunder

Jacob Weiland + Mary R Kramer

9 children
Emma Caroline Weiland
Birth: April 3, 1892 26 22Minnesota, USA
Death: February 18, 1960Hennepin, Minnesota
Bernard J Weiland
Birth: November 21, 1896 30 26Minnesota, USA
Death: October 18, 1970Mound, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Andrew Frank Weiland
Birth: September 20, 1898 32 28Minnesota, USA
Death: October 9, 1972Menahga, Wadena, Minnesota, United States of America
Frank Albert Weiland
Birth: March 14, 1900 34 30Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Death: November 1979Spring Park, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Elenora M Weiland
Birth: February 23, 1902 36 32Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Death: May 8, 1978Carver, Minnesota, USA
George Jacob Weiland
Birth: November 24, 1903 37 33St Bonifacuis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
Death: February 4, 1974Munson, Stearns, Minnesota, USA
Edward G Weiland
Birth: 1911 45 40Minnesota, USA
Death: October 19, 1943Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

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