Familie Brunder

Frank Waltman Sr + Margaret WEYLAND

12 children
Anthony Peter Waltman
Birth: September 4, 1888 32 26Butler, Pennsylvania
Death: November 23, 1971Oakland, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States
Frank Anthony Waltman
Birth: January 31, 1894 37 32Donegal Twp PA Butler County (Butler)
Death: August 25, 1940Millerstown, Perry, Pennsylvania, USA
Mary Josephine Waltman
Birth: January 30, 1898 41 36Donegal Twp Butler County (Butler), Pennsylvania
Death: April 4, 1909Donegal, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Sylverius Agustus Waltman
Birth: June 11, 1900 43 38Pennsylvania
Death: June 24, 1971Chicora, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Laurence Christopher Waltman
Birth: May 16, 1902 45 40Butler County (Butler), Pennsylvania
Death: February 8, 1942Millerstown, Perry, Pennsylvania, USA

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