Familie Brunder

Louis M Kilmeier + Anna M Hess

7 children
Louis P Killmeyer
Birth: September 25, 1909 26 23Pittsburgh
Death: July 13, 1971Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA
Dorothy Kilmeier
Birth: March 14, 1913 29 26Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: March 4, 1915Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Anna Mae Killmeyer
Birth: March 13, 1915 31 28Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: January 1972Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Alphons Vincent Kilmeyer
Birth: July 21, 1917 34 30Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Death: March 26, 1918Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA
Lillian K. Killmeyer
Birth: October 27, 1919 36 33Pennsylvania
Death: March 6, 2008Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Herman J Killmeyer
Birth: February 12, 1924 40 37Pennsylvania
Death: October 11, 1987Saxonburg, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States of America

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